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The Team At Louisville City Chiropractic

For the past 50 years, Louisville City Chiropractic has been a trusted source for chiropractic care, auto accident recovery, and more. Drs. Gittings and McKinney lead our team as we strive to keep Louisville healthy. To enjoy drug-free pain relief from chronic conditions and injuries, book an appointment today.


Professional Associations:

  • KCS Kentucky Chiropractic Society

Dr. Scott Gittings, DC

Dr. Gittings is a graduate of Logan Chiropractic College. Since 1998, he has been treating acute and chronic problems in patients' necks, shoulders, hips, and lower backs.


Dr. Bruce McKinney

Dr. McKinney is a Palmer Chiropractic College graduate utilizing the “Palmer package” to adjust and treat patients with back pain, sciatica, and disc injuries with great success.

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